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The Riptide San Fracnsisco

The Riptide Outpost now Open with new hours!

Monday/Tuesday - Closed
Wednesday - 3-8pm
Thursday 3-8p
Friday - 3-8p
Saturday - 2-8p
Sunday - 2-8p

Togo cocktails, beers, liquor, and various Sundries are now available for pickup. Also, we have partnered with our friends
Brothers Pizza to give you a full dining experience right in our own front yard. Order from The Riptide crew to get exclusive Riptide specials.

Remember, everyone is smarter and sexier when they wear a mask.

From SF.GOV: Avoid indoor activities. Outdoor activities are much safer.

If you’re outside, you should still
stay 6 feet apart and wear face coverings if you’re around people you don’t live with. Have safer outdoor gatherings during the coronavirus pandemic.
Meeting people indoors is much riskier, and should be avoided. If you must see people indoors, you must always
wear a face covering. Make sure you’re in a room with open windows or good ventilation. Try not to touch surfaces inside and wash your hands or use hand sanitizer if you do touch any surfaces. Have cleaning supplies ready, so surfaces can be wiped down often. Try to avoid using other people’s bathrooms, if possible.


The Riptide
is the Bay Area's best little honky-tonk by the beach. Located in the Sunset District of San Francisco it was built in 1941 and has the look and feel of a small town lodge. In addition to rustic brick flooring and high ceilings, the original knotty pine walls and raging fireplace add warmth you can feel as soon as you step inside.

The Riptide opens at 4 P.M. Monday though Saturday and 2 P.M. Sunday. If you’re looking for a casual atmosphere and a conversation or two with the local neighbors, stop by for Happy Hour, Monday through Friday, from 4 P.M. to 7 P.M. featuring honest drink specials.

Enjoy some of the best touring and local music acts including bluegrass, jazz, blues, solo acoustic, and country. Check the calendar for events or just wander in anytime.

The Riptide is only 20 minutes from the heart of San Francisco, one block away from the Pacific Ocean, half a block from public transportation with plenty of free parking.

Smokers, check out the outdoor smoking lounge with an ocean view, just watch out for the L-Taraval...


Virtual Tip Jar for our beloved Riptide crew! 

Hi Riptide Family! 

We hope that everyone is holding up well in these crazy times! For our team, we are putting out a Virtual Tip Jar! We are listing all our team’s Venmo, PayPal or Cash handles to you can show them some love and give them a “tip” directly to their account for all their years they have helped and served you! You know someone on our staff has brightened up your day at one point in the 16 years of The Riptide, so if you have the means, please brighten theirs. We chose to do the Virtual Tip Jar this way, so the staff member can get their tips directly and not have to wait for a campaign to end. 

Please stay safe out there! Please keep being kind to one another! We miss you! Virtual Cheers!   

Staff and Crew: (in no certain order) 

Jean, Sunday and Monday HH bartender and the Bingo Queen Venmo: @jeanfontana PayPal: sassyhotbuns@yahoo.com

Danny, Saturday, Sunday nights and Tuesday HH bartender and lover of bacon Venmo @Danny-Sando

Molly, Monday Open Mic, Tuesday Karaoke bartender and loves cheese and pizza Venmo @Molly-Penning

Alisha, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday HH bartender and everyone’s favorite Mama Bear Venmo: @Alisha-Liscinsky

Whisky, Wednesday and Thursday night bartender and he really loves candy PayPal whiskypills@yahoo.com

Adaline, Thursday HH bartender and full of hearts and tequila Venmo: @Adaline-Valentine

, Friday night bartender and lover of Jameson Venmo: @Sharon-Rosen-4

Doug, Friday night bar back and you will always hear him coming Venmo: @Doug-Orzynski PayPal: dougiorzynski@yahoo.com PayPal: noah974@gmail.com

, Sound tech and is the newest member of our team! Venmo: @Ana-Kagunda

, Head security and he doesn’t wanna! Sal does not have Venmo or PayPal, so please use Jean’s and in the notes put FOR SAL! Otherwise she might spend it on fireball

V, Security and the Boss Lady of the front door Cash App: $DTSFV

Matt, Security and giver of the best hugs, but you better ask first! PayPal: furiousangler@yahoo.com

Charlie, Sound tech,Open Mic host and will let you borrow his ladder if you ask nicely PayPal: thecharlie@gmail.com

Danny D, Swing bartender and he might get you a taco Venmo: @thiswillneverwork

The Riptide is Venmo: @TheRiptide

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L Taraval to The Riptide

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The Riptide was voted
Nitey Awards Best Neighborhood Bar in San Francisco 2 years in a row.


The Riptide Certificate of Honour

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The Riptide Photos

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Taraval Street was named after Sebastian Taraval, a Native American guide for Juan Bautista de Anza's 1775-1776 expedition to San Francisco.

Carville by the Sea

Sunset Carville

At the end of the 19th century, the city began replacing horse-drawn cars with electric streetcars. Dumped out near the beach in the Sunset, many cars were sold to individuals who paid $10 if the car had no seats and $20 if it did. People set up these cars along the sand at the Great Highway and turned them into homes. Some stacked two or three cars on top of one another for a multi-story home; others placed cars in a u-shape to create a courtyard protected from the wind. The area became known as "Carville-by-the-Sea" or simply "Carville." By 1901, 50 families lived in this unusual community that included a two-story church and a café. By the 1930s and 1940s, as development increased and property became more valuable, these cars disappeared. Today, two surviving houses are known to be built around streetcars. Others may exist as well.

* The deepest part of the San Francisco Bay is right under the Golden Gate Bridge, with 330 feet of water, other parts of the bay can be as shallow as 7 feet.

The Riptide